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Hooray for Grammy

June 2, 2007 8:29 pm

We miss her already.

mom and kids

Fraser Island Beach Drive

4:46 pm

My mom came to visit for 10 days in May. It was great to have her here and one of the most enjoyable things we did was a tour of Fraser Island. Melissa has written on Fraser Island in a previous post.


We saw three wild dingos on the drive and during a walk of the park we saw a carpet python sitting on a log. Pretty neat.

fraser island

Our tour included a stop at the amazing Lake Mackenzie.

lake mackenzie

The drive along the beach through Noosa National Park is amazing. It’s a designated roadway, so it’s one of the few places you’ll find speed limit signs posted along an open beach. A towing company has a wall of shame in their office showing dozens of wrecks that got submerged after the tide rolled in on them. Thankfully we pulled through just fine.

Guess Who’s Coming to Lunch?

4:21 pm

We took a walk through a beautiful national park near here. It’s called Kondalilla National Park and it’s about a 20-minute drive from here through some nice mountain scenery. The park has a huge waterfall and some nice walking trails through thick rain forest.


After a pretty good hike we sat at the picnic area for some lunch. Suddenly Nate pointed into the forest and shouted “look!”.

About 100 feet away a huge goanna was lumbering straight toward us. He made his way right up to our table. As he walked a wild bush turkey rushed up at him a couple of times and pecked at his tail. He paid no mind, just curled up his tail and kept plodding onward. I’ve heard conflicting accounts of goannas from Australians I’ve talked to, so I kept a bit of distance (other people were feeding him scraps from their lunch as he walked around their feet). One person told me, “they’re harmless, but …. they can stand up on their hind legs and come rushing at you very quickly.” Another person said, “they’re harmless, but … in defense they can deliver a nasty bite and because they’re carrion eaters they carry a lot of bacteria. They say that wound may never heal.” I’m not sure what “never heal” means exactly, but it was enough to prevent me from sharing my tuna wrap with this guy.

He wandered all over the place, past some people playing cricket, and eventually found a table full of people willing to feed him.