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Top Five Things

February 4, 2007 1:48 am by Nate

Here are some top five lists we’ve come up with.

The Top Five Things Nate loves (so far) about Australia.

moffat beach, queensland, australia

  1. I love when we go to the beach.
  2. Swimming
  3. Snorkelling
  4. Bodyboarding
  5. I love that it is hot here.

Maddy’s Top Five things she loves about Australia (so far).

  1. It is warm (enough said!)
  2. It is exotic.
  3. The surfing and swimming
  4. The people are nice and friendly
  5. We are altogether as a family

Things that we find a little different here in Australia.

  1. Number one again, it is hot!
  2. There are palm trees.
  3. They say ‘G’day’, not ‘hello’.
  4. They have skinks and goannas, and oh ya, a lot of cockroaches.
  5. All the rhinoceros beetles are dead in February. (as far as we have seen)
  6. They drive on the opposite of the road, not the wrong side of the road.

One Response to “Top Five Things”

Cathy Skeen wrote a comment on February 6, 2007

Love this blog! It will go a long way to calming a mother’s/grandmother’s worries. Even if it is a little hard to read about +30 weather when ours is -30 with windchill. Nate and Maddy it was so cold I almost took pity on the snowmen you built in our yard and brought them inside! I’m just so happy to hear that all is going well. Enjoy and watch out for things that bite!

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