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Thirty Minutes in an Australian Rainforest

February 4, 2007 2:09 pm by Melissa

waterfallIt felt like hours! After watching a tourist channel on our resort’s television, advertising a ‘nice, family park with a beautiful waterfall.’, we decided to spend our Saturday afternoon doing a small hike at Buderim Forest Trail Park. It sounded quaint enough.

Upon parking in the empty lot, the first sign advertising the park got Maddy extremely excited and me immediately apprehensive and nervous. ‘Rainforest,’ it said, ‘300m.’ As I have done several times so far when experiencing something new and not so inviting, I talked myself through whatever worries and concerns were entering my head. The one thing that made me feel at ease was that most of Australian’s creatures are nocturnal and we had at least 4 hours before the sun set!

Within 700m of walking one of my worst fears appeared. I was very proud of myself when my first response was, ‘Look a lizard!’ I also waited at least a full minute before jumping onto a bench nearby. What in fact we had come across was a goanna. Around three and a half feet in length, resembling a thin hela monster, this reptile was not interested in being anywhere near us and slowly walked back into the bush.


‘O.K.’ I thought ‘If that is what we see at the start of our walk, what do I need to do to prepare myself for half way through?’ Maddy, my brave explorer too my hand and lead us all through deep into what I can only describe as my most eerie experience. Looking back (from my safe, air conditioned apartment) I can say that it was an amazing place, unlike any other setting we have ever been in.

We didn’t see any other wildlife besides the goanna, much to the kids and Dan’s dismay and my liking. As we traipsed on through the jungle setting I did become a little more comfortable with our surroundings. The most disturbing part of the experience was everytime I did feel my shoulders unhunching, the cicadas would chirp to a deafening sound (you had to cover your ears), just like you hear in a horror movie right before something terrifying happens. I guess it was just a fair warning that you never know what you may see when walking in an Australian bush!

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Fiz wrote a comment on February 10, 2007

Fantastic! I feel I’m there with you all. I think Biarritz was responsible for putting you off plunging into the surf Mel. Do you remember tiny little Tom bobbing about on top of ginormous waves and then disappearing for minutes? I think my heart stopped several times. It was the cockroaches scuttling around under the bed at night that did it for me in Oz – I love wildlife, but not that much! It’s weird you seem closer in Oz than in Canada tho you’re further away. Perhaps it’s the tropical weather that we are getting used to here now! Somehow don’t think I’ll get to visit you while you’re there but will be in Costa Rica for a couple of weeks soon so will be having similar experiences. Keep it up and good luck for Uni!

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